A collection of witty, wry and relatable short stories, uncovering the day-to-day trials and tribulations of commuting on the Tube, and exposing the thoughts we don't dare say aloud.



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A collection of 50 witty, wry and relatable short stories, uncovering the day-to-day trials and tribulations of commuting on the Tube, and exposing the thoughts we don't dare say aloud. Find out more here.


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This collection comprises 50 comedic yet sardonic short stories, exploring the most mundane to the most outrageous real-life nuisances that we, mere commuters, endure during our travels on the London Underground every single day, with each story uncovering our scrutinising and hyperbolic thoughts that we don't dare say aloud. 


The Underground is among a plethora of things that, as a Londoner, we love to hate. Whether it's being forced to share overcrowded carriages with fellow commuters who have no regard for personal space (let alone hygiene or social decorum), hearing the pitter-patter of rodents scurrying along the tracks, withstanding furnace-like temperatures, being subjected to a multitude of vile smells and vexatious sights, or tolerating yet another delay to our endless journey to work, we're never short of a complaint. And we've got 50 in writing to prove it!

So, if you're a passenger contributing to one of the 1.37 billion journeys made and who spends around 650 hours (or one whole month) per year commuting on the London Underground, it's likely that you'll identify with a story or two . . . or fifty.




My, the author's, identity will remain anonymous (oh, how mysterious!) – feel free to Tweet your most creative pseudonym suggestions. Saying that, I've put my heart and soul into this short story collection, so, really, you know me better than you realise.


Without giving too much away . . . I've used public transport and the London Underground for decades. I've had the 'pleasure' of experiencing it all; from sweating through my immaculately ironed shirt in a stifling hot carriage before my first ever interview, to somehow landing that mind-numbing office job and commuting to work in the rush hour, wedged between someone eating a pungent bacon and egg McMuffin and a couple fervently snogging each other's faces off.


Being born and raised in London, and from a Mediterranean descent, you may think I'd be confident enough to openly confront my pet-peeves on the Underground without any qualms. But I opted to write it all down instead. I'm a true Brit . . . and proud to be.


The only mantra I lived by, for a good long while as I was writing, was, 'Create. Criticise. Re-create. Repeat.' So, I hope that each and every short story makes your gloomy commute that little bit brighter (and less hellish)!



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a reluctant note

I'm sure most of us can agree that the London Underground is fraught with hellish experiences.

However, it does get us from A to B (shaken but relatively unscathed).

So, although we love to hate it, we wouldn't be able to 'get along' without it.

Thank you, TfL.